Every alternative school is mandated by the Illinois State Board of Education to have a Summer School Program. The purpose of this Summer Term is to provide structure to alternative school students over the summer months, in an effort to prevent regression caused by an interruption in the educational and social/emotional process. The Summer Term is an opportunity for students to earn 1 High School credit or extra credit towards their next year in Grade School or Junior High School. The Summer Term begins, after a short break, and consists of 20 school days spread out over 7 consecutive weeks. Students are required to be in attendance all day on Mondays, Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. Summer Term is followed by approximately 26 days of Summer Vacation. The Summer Term is a mandatory part of the academic and social/emotional program, and a required part of a student’s education, according to his/her IEP. If a student does not plan to attend the Summer Term, placement cannot be held for them, and they will likely require a new alternative school placement in the Fall.